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Why Service Sam Was Born?

Industry 4.0 sets new requirements

Not long ago, the automotive industry entered a new era, Industry 4.0. Increasing production volumes and complex processes didn’t tolerate technical problems. This set a clear message to the device makers: 

Your devices can’t cause downtime!

Predictive maintenance, IoT and cloud computing were not yet popular buzz words. But the pressure to minimize downtime on the production lines was already high. This made the car makers to start asking us: 

Can you detect and act, before the problem causes downtime?

 Years later we were in front of the exactly same question with several device manufacturers. Instead of finding a plug’n’play solution for predictive maintenance, each had to build their own from scratch.

That’s why Service Sam was born.

Build A profitable service business

ServiceSam is developed for one purpose. To create better service business for you.

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