Modern cloud software for a digitalized maintenance program

Global to local

GLobal view of all sites

Service Sam overlooks all of your customer sites in real-time. You have an overview of the performance of each site. Service Sam highlights the need to drill-down if you have upcoming issues with your devices.

Drill-down with one click

Service Sam helps you to drill down from your global view to the specific device that needs your attention. With one click you already know what is the upcoming problems so that you can prevent it.

Learn to predict


Your devices behave differently depending on the different conditions and different customer use. Service Sam helps you to learn from the device data to predict what happens and when it happens.


You want to avoid over-maintenance. By monitoring all your device parameters, Service Sam helps you to schedule your maintenance when your devices need it, not when the calendar says.

Manage activities

Schedule maintenance activies

With Service Sam you know when it's time to do a maintenance task. But it also allows you to schedule it right away. Just select which activity needs to be done and when. You can even include instructions for your crew.

See the history of each device

Service Sam gives you a simple view of all the activities done to each device. No more emails to your colleagues asking whether the correct maintenance activities were done as planned. Service Sam tells you.

Frequently asked questions

It is both. 

First of all, it is a cloud software that has a bunch of built-in functionalities. However, since each customer is different, we customize the software to fit perfectly your needs. 

We want to walk along with you and support you in any questions. We want to do further development and solve new challenges with you. This is why Service Sam is also a service. 

Service Sam is the only plug’n’play solution for predictive maintenance that is designed specifically for device manufacturers. 

There are a lots of preventive maintenance software and services for maintenance managers working in factories and plants. None are designed specifically for device manufacturers.

The market is full of cloud platforms, data analytics software and IoT solutions with which you can make any kind of application. None are specialized in building a predictive maintenance program. 

If you are a device manufacturer interested in predictive maintenance, Service Sam is exactly for you. 

Service Sam runs on Microsoft Azure. 

However, the software is built with modern technologies so it can be run on any cloud if needed. Integration with different clouds and communication with factory IT systems is every day work for us.

Whatever your case is, Service Sam will fit in.

We’ve worked hard so that you don’t need to change anything about your devices. No installation, no programming. No need for setups or configurations. It’s our job to make it work.

If your data is already in a cloud, we typically use REST APIs with JSON. Your database stays safe, we just read the data we need.

If your data is in a text, xml or any type of file on your device’s computer, no worries. We will build a simple exporter that pushes the needed data to Service Sam’s cloud.

We love challenges. So if you think your case is too difficult, just challenge us.

The price includes everything. There are no hidden costs. The fixed price includes all the needed work in implementation and adding new devices. And support, off course.

Build A profitable service business

ServiceSam is developed for one purpose. To create better service business for you.

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